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Wow this game is so great! I love the crisp layout and the artwork, it flows really well and it’s very easy to learn and master!

Fast setup. Instant fun. Great adventures!

Fantastic game! It really emulates the Barbarian Heroe of Sword and Sorcery's B movies with such talent! Rules are super thin, preparation is 2 minutes and fun is immediate! Epic with lot of laughs!

This is an excellent little game, as well-crafted as it is fun! But don't be fooled by its simple mechanics and its goofy "number of words allowed" mechanics: it's also a very thoughtful homage to the genre it pastiches with talent!

Sonja & Conan Vs Ninjas is a little gem of fun and a really good party game

One barbarian ( PC ) try to dismiss the bad guys 'plan (many GM)  with iconic scene where she can only speak with 1d6 sentences of 1d6 words before she gets angry and hits  everyone